Trailer – Demolishing and Rebuilding Rear Wall of Trailer

Rear wall disassembly and reassembly. I won’t narrate much of this but it was a pain getting the stables out of the aluminum siding without damaging it. It was also difficult to remove the J-trim on the corners of the trailer. 

As I keep going up the wall – more rot…

Seriously why do they design these things with 1″ thick walls? How does it all hold together? Structurally the aluminum siding was hold up the wall. The board you see crossing the picture was placed to support the roof of the trailer. With the rear wall gone the structure got a bit wobbly. 

I did some weird angle cuts to try and match the angle of the trailer wall. 

Lots of new 1x2s sandwiched with glue to the old 1x2s. 

Much better looking! Yes, i left a lot of the plywood and tops of the studs out of convenience. 

Back wall gets some skirting. 

Finished J-trim and insert.

New foam. 

Side walls got some love too. I cut this plywood backwards. Oops. I got painted so no one will ever know. 

So much better than before. Duh.

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