Fix For: Keyboard Stops Working on Windows 8.1

Found an awesome fix at:

I was working on a client’s system and after I had disabled a few annoying things like the narrator I couldn’t get the keyboard to work anymore. After a search on the internet I found that there was still one setting enabled:

After I switched off “Filter Keys” the keyboard magically started working again. Thanks deploymentramblins!

Fix for: Can’t activate Outlook 2015 on Mac “Another account from your organization is already signed in on this computer.”

Copied from this thread
1. Quit Application.
2. Open Library folder of current user. (to use OPTION key)
3. Delete following files from LibraryContainers
Note: is sharing with Outlook/OneNote because new apps uses same activation app that is
4. Delete following files from LibraryGroup Containers
Note: OfficeOsWebHost created by activating Outlook only, maybe.
5. Boot and remove following application password if need it.
<For Org ID>
Microsoft Office Identities Settings 2
Microsoft Office Identities Cache 2
<GUID> (Type is MicrosoftOffice15_2_Data:ADAL:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
<For Live ID>
Microsoft Office Identities Settings 2
Microsoft Office Identities Cache 2
<GUID> (Type is MicrosoftOffice15_2_Data:Live:cid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Note: these time stamp is same or nearly. Be careful, these keyChain object for activated account is shared with Outlook and OneNote as you know.

Finished my first .NET MVC 3 application today!

I used Entity Framework 4.1 to automatically create DbContext classes that I could use in my controllers. I won’t attempt to include examples but will list some websites I used as resources to help get the job done:

This by far was my biggest help learning MVC, the video is better than the example (MVC database first with Entity Framework 4.1)

Razor Cheat Sheet

Scott Gu’s blog, excellent MVC tutorials

Visual Studio 2010 .NET framework 4 training material