Trailer – Galvanized steel side skirts – 2″ angle iron welded wall supports

Finding some new parts for the J-trim since I decided I needed to re-do the butyl tape and screws. 
Finishing up the plastic from under the floor and adding a metal skirt to help deflect water splashing up from the road. The skit was wedged between the floor and the frame and brought up over the edge of the wall. 

You can see here the addition of 2″ angle iron. I decided it would give the wall something firmer to sit on than the 1″ metal supports coming out of the frame. When I rebuilt the floor you could see the bottom 2×2 was compressed down to about an inch at the points it connected with the fame support. Also This would allow for more bolts through the wall to the angle iron. I welded the angle iron to the frame supports. On the long spans the angle iron wasn’t providing much support but once bolted to the wall the whole package was very sturdy. You can see the metal plates I used on the bottom of the studs supporting the door fame in this picture. 

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